Time for a re-vamp

Spoilt Kitty

Its been a long while since we've posted a blog entry.  We've been so busy!  We've been producing stock like no tomorrow and since the restriction eased mid 2021, we've been working 7 days a week.  Both producing and selling at various markets.  Since New Year we've cut back a little on the markets and have been re-focusing our priorities to allow some time off to wind-down at least.
Now is the time to re-vamp the website.  You may have noticed a new age-verification banner.  The reason for this is that while our products may look like they are suitable for minors, they are not intended for minors and are being targeted towards an adult audience.  We are also looking to give the website a good overhaul and bring the technology up to date, so be prepared for some changes.
We will also have  a number of new product releases over the coming weeks/months so keep your eyes peeled.


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