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Spoilt Kitty

We're buzzing here at SpoiltKitty.  

We've just had a wonderful Twitter endorsement from Jaiden West.

Not long ago we'd been contacted by Jaiden West as this wonderful lady wanted some props for her films.  The original requirement was for a unicorn themed adult pacifier but once we started chatting, we found the possibilities were becoming endless.  In addition to the original pacifier we also designed a second, darker, Saw-themed adult pacifier together with a lovely razor-blade necklace (not a real razor blade of course).

Have a look at the twitter post and watch this space for further pics.



We're hoping that this is the start of wonderful things to come.

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  • I would just like to thank spoilt kitty so much for making my beautiful custom pacifiers. I explained roughly what I wanted and as if by magic they produced exactly what I wanted with so much more creativity than I could have ever imagined. I could really tell they had gone above and beyond to get them just perfect for me and they achieved such a wonderful finish! So much so I can’t even say which one is my favourite as I love them both so much.
    The pacifiers came in such beautiful packaging finished with rainbow coloured bows and even sweeties in each box too which I thought was a lovely personal touch.
    My razor blade necklace was also put in a stunning sparkly box and made beautifully!
    Delivery was really fast and I must say when I received them I was so happy they literally made my day! Thank you again spoilt kitty. I can’t wait to start planning my next order with your fantastic selves! 💋

    Jaiden West

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